Arabian Nights in Düsseldorf: A Song of Flight and Dire

Members of ياللا ياللا فورتونا (Yalla Yalla Fortuna) are singing together with other refugees from the Near East, telling the story of their flight to Germany like the bards of old.


It is a farewell party, because the group of friends who just found each other, who lived through extreme situations and became really close by shared trauma, will be spread into the wind again.
German authorities are sending them to different ends of the country, too overwhelmed by the shear numbers seeking refuge to care about things like friendship or where the refugees really want to go or stay.
رحلة سعيدة
But even though it is a sad occasion which brought us all together – saying good bye to friends who have to leave Dusseldorf against their will – the evening was filled with song and laughter.
It is just the way of these endearing people, who graciously extended their heartfelt hospitality to us and warmly welcomed us in their midst.

Only once in a while you where reminded by little things what ordeals they all went through until they got to Dusseldorf. Like a noise which sounded a bit like a bomb getting them all on high alert for a split second, or the little girl starting to cry when the men are sharing their experiences with each other in song, processing what had happened to them.

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