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Another famous Fortuna song, which is mainly used in dire situations like the relegation struggle we are currently facing, is called „Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht“.

Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht, aber unsere Fortuna nicht.
Alles, alles, geht vorbei – doch wir bleiben treu. TROY!

Marble, stone and iron cracks, but not our Fortuna.
Everything and all comes to an end – but we will stay faithful. TRUE!

.الرخام والحجر و شقوق الحديد، ولكن ليس فورتونا
!كل شيء، و كل ذلك يصل  إلى نهايته، ولكن سنبقى مؤمنون. مؤمنون


SpVgg Greuther Fürth 3:1 Fortuna Düsseldorf (17.04.2016) aftermath:
„Marmor, Stein & Eisen bricht, aber die Fortuna nicht!“ 

In the aftermath of the bitter 1:3 defeat in Fürth, team and fans closed ranks and raised their fists to sing „Marble, stone & Iron cracks“ together.

Nach der bitteren 1:3 Niederlage in Fürth kam die Mannschaft geschlossen mit Trainer Friedhelm Funkel zur Kurve und alle hoben gemeinsam zu „Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht“ die Fäuste.

Solange wir zueinander stehen, wird Fortuna niemals untergehen!

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Welcome to the „greatest club in the world“  

Official fan clubs (OF95) introduced: „Yalla Yalla, FORTUNA!“

_Fortuna Aktuell Yalla Yalla IMG-20160301-WA0004

The motto #OneTeamOneFamily is written large at Fortuna Düsseldorf’s first Syrian-German OF95, because the relatives of most members live more than 3,000 km away. With Fortuna, the „Yallas“ have found a new home and family.

The recent fan group with about 25 members was only founded last year, even though the „Yallas“ feel sometimes like they would already know each other for ages. As real Fortunen they naturally decided to found their group after a defeat, after all, they also didn’t meet whilest celebrating a goal.  Instead, the founding members railed passionately and loudly against a decision of the referee, as their eyes met in the arena for the first time. They took hardly notice of the fact that some of them ranted in Arabic and the others in German – all spoke football and understood each other just fine. When the old and new fans then grinned at each other a bit shameful, started talking and cheered for Fortuna together afterwards (YALLA YALLA! COME ON / GO FORTUNA), fate stroke – and the rest is, as they say, history.  „Yalla Yalla, FORTUNA!“ was warmly received in the F95.Antirazzista family and thank the long-established Fortunen for their helpfulness and diverse support. Together, they cheer for Fortuna at home games from stand 39 and generally meet every first Tuesday of the month in the fan pub to chat about the Goddess (Fortuna) and the world of football. As Syrians are unfortunately not allowed to move freely in Germany anymore, for the time being only the German „Yallas“ regularly attend the away games with the Hypers-fanbus.  In addition to the Ultras, various employees and former F95-players have also personally supported the new Syrian fans and proved once more, that Fortuna can be much more than just football. For the „Yallas“, their new home is simply the greatest club in the world.  You can reach the #OF95 digitally via email at or you can simply visit the „Yalla Yalla Fortuna“ community on Facebook.

Collage OF95 Yalla Yalla FORTUNA
Yalla Yalla in the stadium and at the 4th Dr. Waldemar Spier Cup, a tournament with Ultras from all over Germany to commemorate the Jewish chairman of the champion team of 1933, who was murdered by the Nazi regime in the KZ of Auschwitz.

#OhFortunaSoWunderschön أووه فوتونا..، جميلة جداً

Famous ‪#‎F95‬ Songs – OH FORTUNA, SO WUNDERSCHÖN 

أغاني فورتونا المشهورة

Oh Fortuna so wunderschön

This is the melody:

18.09.2015 VFL Bochum 1:1 Fortuna Düsseldorf – F95 Support

‪#‎VFLF95‬ ‪#‎BOCF95‬ ‪#‎F95BOC‬ ‪#‎F95VFL‬

#RefugeesWelcome #BildNotWelcome

Choreo 4a cp 25

Dr. Waldemar Spier Pokal – Weil Tradition Geschichte hat

Yalla Yalla Fortuna thanks F95.Antirazzista for the great opportunity to participate in the 4th „Dr. Waldemar Spier Cup“, a football tournament with Ultras from all over Germany, dedicated to the remembrance of the victims of the Nazi Era.
It’s been an honor – and a blast!

WSP 2016 H&M I WSP 2016 M&M IIWSP 2016 Gruppenfoto Yalla Yalla WSP 2016 Mudar Yll Yll

Who was Dr. Waldemar Spier?

He was the mastermind behind Fortunas one and only national championship in 1933, the coach of the „Meister-Mannschaft“. But instead of becoming a legend, Waldemar Spier wasn’t even allowed to celebrate the championship with his team.
But not because he did anything wrong.

Dr. Waldemar Spier was a jew.

In 1933, to the infinite and endless shame of all Germans, inhuman monsters came into power in Germany, the Nazis. Dr. Waldemar Spier was later deported to and died in the KZ in Auschwitz. Fortuna Düsseldorf Fans honor his memory with this tournament in his name.

Because we may never forget.

We are all human and it’s up to every single one of us, that history does not repeat itself.

We do not care if we are Muslims, Jews or Christians.

We have the responsibility, no, the duty, that things like that can’t ever happen again.




Further Information:

Choreo Dr. Waldemar Spier 2015:

Choreo 1a HDR 50 Choreo 4a cp 25

Choreo Dr. Waldemar Spier 2013:

Arabian Nights in Düsseldorf: A Song of Flight and Dire

Members of ياللا ياللا فورتونا (Yalla Yalla Fortuna) are singing together with other refugees from the Near East, telling the story of their flight to Germany like the bards of old.


It is a farewell party, because the group of friends who just found each other, who lived through extreme situations and became really close by shared trauma, will be spread into the wind again.
German authorities are sending them to different ends of the country, too overwhelmed by the shear numbers seeking refuge to care about things like friendship or where the refugees really want to go or stay.
رحلة سعيدة
But even though it is a sad occasion which brought us all together – saying good bye to friends who have to leave Dusseldorf against their will – the evening was filled with song and laughter.
It is just the way of these endearing people, who graciously extended their heartfelt hospitality to us and warmly welcomed us in their midst.

Only once in a while you where reminded by little things what ordeals they all went through until they got to Dusseldorf. Like a noise which sounded a bit like a bomb getting them all on high alert for a split second, or the little girl starting to cry when the men are sharing their experiences with each other in song, processing what had happened to them.

#F95 #HeimatFuerAlle #Fankultur #RefugeesWelcome #Düsseldorf #Syria #OneTeamOneFamily

Arabian Nights in Düsseldorf: RAP ARABI – HIP HOP ARABI

A member of ياللا ياللا فورتونا (YallaYallaFortuna) is performing „RAP ARABI – HIP HOP ARABI“ for his friends at the tram station of the Esprit Arena – the home ground of Fortuna Düsseldorf.

The city of Düsseldorf placed the Syrian members of ياللا ياللا فورتونا together with hundreds of other refugees in a hall of the business fair „Messe Düsseldorf“, functioning as a temporary refugee accommodation.

رحلة سعيدة
#F95 #HeimatFuerAlle #Fankultur #RefugeesWelcome #Düsseldorf #Syria #OneTeamOneFamily


Yalla Yalla FORTUNA (ياللا ياللا فورتونا), Fortuna Düsseldorf’s first Syrian-German fan group, is melodiously celebrating their foundation: „Düsseldorf olé: Fortuna till I die!“

Unfortunately, some of the members are being send away from Düsseldorf by the government, even though Düsseldorf is the place they came all the way from Syria to live in. This system sucks!

رحلة سعيدة

#F95 #HeimatFuerAlle #Fankultur #RefugeesWelcome #Düsseldorf #Syria #OneTeamOneFamily